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Common reasons people seek individual therapy:

  • In pain from a past relationship or trauma

  • Suffering a bereavement, relationship breakdown or loss

  • Confused, anxious or depressed about your life right now

How it will help you: 

  • Find a new direction 

  • Get rid of old patterns and stuck behaviours 

  • Encourage you to be brave

  • Support you where you are 

Finding out who you really are in the middle of life's struggles is empowering and will free you to reach your potential, give you direction and lead you towards the life you were meant to live.

I invite you to begin the process today and discover your true potential 

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Psychosexual Therapy

There are often raised eyebrows and many misconceptions about sex therapy. It's a diverse type of therapy which addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of sex and intimacy.


Here are some of the issues commonly brought to therapy:

  • Helping rekindle the spark in long-term relationships

  • Learning how to orgasm

  • Managing mismatched sex drives 

  • Improving sexual communication

  • Performance pressure

  • Getting more in tune with your body

  • A variety of other physical and emotional difficulties

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Relationships can be healed, confusion understood and old destructive patterns changed.

Are you feeling in despair or wonder why your relationship is causing you so much pain?


If so you are not alone. Many people struggle with these difficulties for years without ever finding the answers that lead them to a happy and fulfilling relationship. 


The foundation of my approach is to focus on communication patterns, and how these patterns create repetitive cycles which are familiar, but difficult to break. It is possible to move forward with new patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours which can end your relationship struggles and lead to more harmony and satisfaction together. 

Unlock your relationship potential and lead a more harmonious life

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