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Welcome to individual and couple counselling in Leatherhead Surrey

It is normal to experience difficulties at certain times in your life; a crises in your relationship, the discovery of an affair, a dwindling sex life or a sexual problem that is embarrassing or ignored.


Other personal circumstances such as redundancy, death of a close relative, divorce or even a new relationship can throw up challenges and issues that you didn't even know existed and can leave you feeling isolated, confused, depressed or even angry.

Whatever your struggle, I know that I have seen incredible transformation in clients, so email me and let me help you too!



Sarah Doherty Counselling


Sarah Doherty

An experienced individual, Relate trained couple counsellor and sex therapist with over 10 years experience.

As well as being highly qualified, I too have experienced my share of relationship challenges and have been on the other side of the counselling chair. So you can rest assured that I haven't had a perfect life!

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